Your First Ritual

Recall the last time you were angry or very sad or anxious.  Now think about what happened to “make you feel that way”. I put that in quotes because you are about to discover that no person or situation made you feel anyway at all, but it is you and your belief system that caused the destructive emotions.

Now we are going to perform your first ritual.

First, meet the God and Goddesses of wisdom or knowledge.

BADB (Bibe) (Ireland)) *Goddess*
Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess in Ireland. Associated with the cauldron, crows and ravens. Life, wisdom, inspiration, and enlightenment.

BLODEUWEDD (blod-oo-eeth) ((Wales)) *Goddess*
The maiden form of the Triple Goddess. Goddess of the earth in bloom, flowers, wisdom, lunar mysteries, initiations.

DANU  ((Ireland)) *Goddess*
Probably the same as Anu. Mother of the Gods, Great Mother, Moon Goddess. Patroness of wizards, rivers, water, wells, prosperity and plenty, magick wisdom.

TALIESIN (Tal-i-ess-in) ((Wales)) *God*
God of the bards. Poetry, wisdom, wizards, music, knowledge, magick.


Prepare a tapered candle and a beverage of your liking. I use Crystal Light boiled with spices and cooled to drink from a wine glass.

Light and place the candle and place the drink in front of it.

Repeat this prayer as you look into the glass and watch the light move in it.


Great Danu, goddess of wisdom! Goddess of Prosperity!
Guide me in my studies,
and keep my focus strong.

God of knowledge and wisdom, Taliesin.

Lead me as I learn,
opening my mind to new knowledge.
Prepare me to grow and study,
as I take new steps in my journey.

Great Mother Badb, goddess of wisdom and enlightenment!
Grant me the wisdom to speak well and with clarity,
grant me the ambition to be successful and strong.

Daughter of the Earth, Blodeuwedd, goddess of wisdom and initiations
grant me the understanding to embrace the ideas of others.

Meditate for a while on what happened and how it felt when you were in the grip of these destructive emotions.  Go over it in your mind. Who was there, How did it happen, What were your thoughts?

Now raise the glass and repeat:.

Praise the God and Goddesses of wisdom!
I owe you gratitude for your guidance,
and will do you honor with my achievements.
I thank you for your blessings.

Now drink the beverage as you fully relax and know that you are ready to learn some new wisdom from the universe. Allow the candle to burn as you complete the exercise titled “Questionnaire on Destructive Emotions”.