Is Stoic Paganism for Me?

Take this 45 question test to see if you will benefit from Stoic Paganism. The program requires you to answer all of the questions. If you feel that you can not answer with a Yes or No just mark Don’t Know.  At the moment the QuizMaster program deletes the test when you click “Submit Quiz.” If you want a copy for yourself, highlight the test and print it out with the print selection function of your browser before pressing submit.

Is Stoic Paganism for Me?

1) I feel tense, stressed, or on edge even when there is nothing I can put my finger on that’s upsetting me.

2) I can’t seem to relax as much as I would like to even when I try. I have to work at relaxing my body.

3) I anticipate failure a good deal of the time.

4) My hands shake frequently.

5) I jump when a loud noise comes, even though I later find it wasn’t anything dangerous.

6) It takes me longer than other people to relax.

7) I’m always prepared for something bad to happen to me.

8) I feel vulnerable, like many things can hurt me, even though no one in particular is trying to hurt me.

9) My emotions always seem to be on, or prepared to be on, even though I try to be calm and relaxed.

10) I feel depressed.

11) My feelings are intense, but I just can’t get moving.

12) Sometimes, I just want to die.

13) It doesn’t take much to get me agitated. (I react emotionally even to minor events, like getting ready to go to the store.)

14) Many times, emotional commercials make me cry.

15) When I feel something I typically express it openly.

16) Other people tell me I’m an emotional person.

17) I believe I feel my emotions more intensely than other do.

18) When someone else hurts, I frequently hurt with them.

19) I seem to be keyed into what other are thinking and feeling.

20) Once I feel an emotion, it’s hard for me to stop feeling it.

21) My strong emotions seem to last forever.

22) I cant stop feeling anxious or depressed without great effort.

23) My feelings frequently don’t tell me how I should best behave, or what to do next.

24) I can’t trust my gut reactions like others seem to be able to do.

25) My feelings seem to get in my way rather than help me most of the time.

26) When I feel tense, I do everything possible in order to feel differently as fast as possible.

27) When someone hurts me, I immediately leave the room, usually no matter what the consequences of how it will look to others.

28) When I begin to feel down or depressed, I can’t stand it.

29) I can’t stand strong emotions, even if they are normal.

30) I stay away from people who make me uncomfortable, even if they are not mean to me.

31) I avoid situations and people who have hurt me in the past, even when this is difficult to do.

32) I do whatever I can to avoid being hurt, even though I may miss future opportunities to get what I want.

33) People who know me well might call me “fraidy cat” because I won’t take chances.

34) I’m afraid of my strong feelings.

35) I can’t wait to solve my problems, even though I know it took a long time for the problems to develop.

36) I would say I’m impulsive. I do things without a lot of thinking because I want quick results.

37) People tell me I’m impatient because I want what I want now.

38) I’m anxious because I feel that my problems are so bad that they should be changed immediately. They are so bad that I can’t wait for my problems to be solved.

39) I feel dread about the future. Something bad is going to happen if I’m not careful.

40) I frequently do things without thinking them through.

41) I feel pressure to make changes to my life.

42) I have developed rituals for common things that help me get things done in a more organized fashion. Examples: getting ready for work, Preparing meals, cleaning house. I have a pattern for these kinds of things that help me to get them done more efficiently.

43) I love the liturgy of the church even though I no longer believe in a personal god. The prayers and rituals make me feel better and improve my attitude.

44) I carry or wear symbols that represent my belief systems.

45) I carry good luck charms or have “lucky” articles of clothing or jewelry that give me confidence.

At the moment the QuizMaster program deletes the test when you click “Submit Quiz.” If you want a copy for yourself, highlight the test and print it out with the print selection function of your browser.

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